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Hand Rectification With Proof and Money Back Gaurantee

If you ordered a Bullseye Report and still aren't sure of your exact birth time --
Please feel free to email me and I'll help you pick the right time.

Gauranteed Results

If using the context you still are unsure if you picked the right birth time I will help you pick the right time from your Bulls-Eye report at no extra charge.

Harmonic Life's "Bullseye" Birth Time Rectification

Astrological forecasting depends on a few factors -- one of them is a precise birth time!

But how do you know yours is correct?

Good question -- only one way -- the heavenly motions must agree with your PREDICTED life's events as they unfold.

So if an astrologer can predict everyone else's life events accurately but not yours so much --

Then you're birth time needs to be RECTIFIED using a method that's ACCURATE!

And Harmonic Life has got it!!!

Harmonic Life has come up with a way to figure out the exact moment of your birth with a high degree of certainty -- that's verifiable!

To prove it, as usual, we use famous people's Life's Forecast's with birth certificates' known to be accurate (because all their life's events a predictable astrologically) and let you see the precision of our RECTIFIED BIRTH-TIME in action.

So get rid of that nagging feeling of never knowing your exact birth time and feel the RELIEF and SATISFACTION of knowing with certainty that the precision of the heavenly motions is providing a witness that your birth time is finally and truly CORRECT!


Picking Good Signifacant Dates

In order to make your Rectification as simple and accurate as possible -- you must pick dates that are not clustered into a small time span.
For example when you got married and had your first child are usually close together.
Instead pick things like:

I had an operation when I was 6 years old
Mother Passed away when I was 18
Married at 25
Got really sick at 32
Arrested at 42
Using kids birthdates is great but it's better if they're births are spread out a bit to avoid "clustering" of information --
Need spacing between targets.

Get Your Harmonic Life "Bullseye" Birth Time Rectification Here Current Cost is 5 tokens (includes my help picking the right date from the report if you need it)