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One Question Answered

Astrological consulting is $50 per question.

Please Include in PayPal Special Instructions to Seller Section:

Birth City and Country --
Time of Birth specify local or UTC (if you know it)
Question. And 2 or 3 significant events in past ( to make sure your birthday is accurate) such as surgeries, deaths, births, weddings, awards, etc...

Money back guarantee on prediction work.  Predictive method is proprietary and very accurate. How many other astrologers gaurantee their work or post predictions on their website?

Personality questions are verifiable by many other sites so no guarantee on those.
Forecasts can be done without birth time but accuracy goes down and money back guarantee is not offered without accurate birth time.

If you have any questions contact:

Otherwise click on PayPal "Buy Now" button below to get your answer now:



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