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Get your Hand Made Harmonic Life Forecast Now


Instead of getting the computer generated Harmonic Life Forecast, which is good and uses the same algorithm as the Hand Made version You can get the The "Handmade Version" instead.

Click Here to see Farrah Fawcett's Hand Made Harmonic Life Forecast

The Handmade Harmonic Life Forecast is done by myself by hand and I will look over things that might not be caught by software and some subtle nuances.

It's printed on fancy stock and is collectible or great as a gift and I sign it.

If not accurate you don't pay --

When you send me the person's Birth City and Country and their accurate date and time of birth send me one or two actual events so I can verify the accuracy of birth time.

But reserve some of the significant events for person and I should catch those on the forecast.

Please Include in PayPal Special Instructions to Seller Section:

  • Birth City and Country --
  • Time of Birth specify local or UTC (if you know it)
  • And 2 or 3 significant events in past ( to make sure your birthday is accurate) such as surgeries, deaths, births, weddings, awards, etc... (more painful memories are more effective -- unfortunately.)

I'll write you back with some of the past events and if no match no deal.

But if events fit then we proceed.

I believe that if astrology is not accurate and verifiable it's useless or worse.

So I put my money where my mouth is.

I believe God created the planets for Signs (and seasons) Gen 1:14 -- so this information is beneficial and when used wisely can be most helpful.

Click on Buy Now Below see what cycles lay ahead for you now...

Get Your Handmade Harmonic Life Forecast Now