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2/7/2014 11:11 PM
Charles Darwin
Born February 12th 1809 2:36 AM UTC; 2:25 AM LMT (Local Time)

Saturn on the ascendant makes the Native prone to Physical Limitations and like JFK – who had Saturn on the Midheaven – whenever planets strike this position severe limitations will strike him. Also with a mundane square to Jupiter there’s some blessing and genius involved but also an abundance of Physical limitation.


Saturn is alongside Neptune so there’s  and also Parallel Neptune so he has an Saturn Neptune Eclipse so this is very strong in his chart – “this pairing represents unhappiness with prevailing mores or accepted beliefs and the status quo, but here, there is the desire to change public views and ideas with the fervent wish to instill a particular set of his/her own values and doctrines, but always with the willingness to bring about change in a nonviolent fashion; ability to innovate the arts and create new art forms.”


Sun Trine Mars makes him Muscular and aggressive. Had he not had Saturn on the Ascendant limiting his physical nature he probably could have been an Athlete.


Mercury Square Mars makes the Native quick tempered and sarcastic.


Venus 150 Neptune makes the Native loved and adored by the public.


Jupiter Pluto makes the Native super powerful, rich, and successful.


Sun Parallel Uranus – Original Thinker.


Mercury Parallel Mars – Lightening fast mind and reflexes.


Saturn parallel Pluto - Burning desire for monumental and enforced change; ability to overhaul and drastically change and dominate a profession, industry, field, or area; this pairing is different from the Saturn + Neptune paring because with this pairing, there is the strong willingness and desire to bring about change in any way deemed necessary and at any cost, including violence if there are also Saturn aspects to Mars in the subject's chart.


Neptune Parallel Pluto

Power from ideas, religion, the sex act (as opposed to lovemaking) and anything ruled by Neptune; the ability to inject religion or ideas into a power struggle; adept at seizing power through religion or ideas; big business from original ideas, talent artistry or other Neptunian symbolisms (it also means success form such activities because Pluto rules big business, and you cannot attain big business without success); for athletes, this is also an energy and coordination enhancer to the other pairing in an M/Q, especially if the other pairing includes Mars, Mercury, or Sun.
Also obsessive or powerful and long lasting sexual desire lust and stamina.



Now onto the Forecast:


Charles Darwin
Born:  Sunday February 12 1809 2:36 AM UTC; 2:26 AM LMT LOCAL TIME
Shrewsbury, England

Sun Mars Trine - so an Aggressive Individual.
Moon Square Mars - Lack of Emotional Control.
Moon Sextile Jupiter - Attracted to seeking the truth.
Mercury square Mars - Quick Tempered Sarcastic.
Venus 150 Uranus - Loved and Adored by Public.
Jupiter Square Uranus - Unique method of reasoning.
Jupiter 0 Pluto - Super Successful; Super Powerful; Super Rich;
Uranus Square Pluto - Original and Inventive.
Sun // Uranus - attracted to fame;
Mercury // Mars quick reflexes quick thinking
Saturn // Neptune unhappiness with prevailing mores.
Saturn // Pluto Burning desire for monumental and enforced change.
Neptune // Pluto Power from Ideas


Age 4 1813 Feminine Limitation; Unexpected event with impact on Destiny; Limitation to the Feminine; Too much Reality; Time of Liquids, Chemicals, and Perhaps Medical Institutions.

Age 7 1816 Male Restriction; Authority; Limitation to Masculinity or Male in Life; Significant event of Male Authority and Limitation; Reap the Harvest; Birth/Rebirth of the Feminine Beauty Money; Death and Transformation; Masculinity is Manifested; End of cycle of Feminism. Abundance of Emotionless Attachment Birthed to the Feminine. Head injury Feminine.

"My mother died in July 1817, when I was a little over eight years old, and it is odd that I can remember hardly anything about her except her death-bed, her black velvet gown, and her curiously constructed work-table."
Darwin, Charles (2012-05-12). The Autobiography of Charles Darwin (Kindle Locations 27-28). . Kindle Edition.

Age 13 1823 – Birth/Rebirth of the home and loyal friends; End of Cycle of Feminism; Birthing of Business Skills.

Age 19 1829 Home is where the Heart is Blessing and Expansion; Magnanimous time; Blessings and Fortune at Home; Unexpected Masculine Union with Ramifications into Destiny; Birthing of Communications and Travel cycle; Also teaching skills.

CAMBRIDGE 1828-1831.

Age 24 - 1833 New Friends come into Life

Age 25 – 1834 Profitable Union regarding Business; Bearing Fruit.

Age 27 - 1836 Vanquishing and Brandishing a Weapon in an abundant way; amorous unions with no commitment; Status Change to Masculine Aggressive.


Came up with theory of Natural Selection/Evolution: In October 1838, that is, fifteen months after I had begun my systematic enquiry, I happened to read for amusement 'Malthus on Population,' and being well prepared to appreciate the struggle for existence which everywhere goes on from long-continued observation of the habits of animals and plants, it at once struck me that under these circumstances favorable variations would tend to be preserved, and unfavorable ones to be destroyed. The result of this would be the formation of new species.

My first child was born on December 27th, 1839, and

Age 31 1841 – Unexpected Physical Manifestation; Something Innovation and Original Manifests; Feminine uncaring bonding produces fruit.


Age 36 1846 – Male Female union producing fruit. Parental issues of great importance. Re-Evaluation of the Meaning life. Birth/Rebirth of Self or Male Life.



Age 38 1848 – Status as Parent and On to Destiny.


Age 41 1851 – Status in Life changes in an Unexpected way; Status as Innovative and Original;

Age 45 1855 War at Home double strength; Cycle of Hygiene, Health and Cleanliness.



Age 48 1858 – Birth/Rebirth – Traditional Family Values and Charisma; Cycle of Blessings started.


Age 50 1860 – Maternal and Feminine Home oriented and Sensitive time. Also time of androgyny or neuter manifestation.

In September 1858 I set to work by the strong advice of Lyell and Hooker to prepare a volume on the transmutation of species, but was often interrupted by ill-health,

Age 54 1864 Maternal Senstivities; Home; Emotions meet Authority; Restriction; Tenderness


Age 56 1866 – Time of Great Physical Attack and Aggression and Accidents and Injuries. Masculine time. Weaons blood and Explosions.

Age 58  1868 – Male female Union producing fruit.

Age 59 1869 Transformation and Death at Home; Feminine Transformation; Maternal to Masculine Bonding; Producing Fruit of some kind; Union of Close pressed in to Feminine bearing fruit at Hoome; Masculine Status in Life becomes apparent. Weapons and Vanquishing; Family and Traditional Spiritual Values; a time of Family. Birth/Rebirth of the Feministic;

Journal: My 'Descent of Man' was published in February, 1871.

Age 62 1872 – Union Producing Fruit – dominating and foreboding.


Age 65 1875 – The same ugly aspect that caused a life of physical limitation and illness and cold authority is brought to a close as status in life changes to physical limitation and cold hard reality. From this point till his death was a cold and miserable period.


Age 69 1879 – Status in life changes to medicines, doctors, isolation in institutions, doctors and the like. The Saturn/Neptune pair on the Ascendant proved a nasty pair to deal with as sickness and medicines were always a transit away. The cycle completes and when Sun comes by one last time triggers the slow mysterious death from cold debilitating illness. On the other hand had he been healthy he probably wouldn’t have been so intellectual and productive at writing. He probably would have been out playing soccer and working out or something active like that. Everything has it’s price.


Age 71 1881 – Birth Rebirth of Maternal/Feminine – time of great Sensitivity and longing for Mother.


Age 72 1882 - Died 4/19/1882


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