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Woody Allen in the News Again

Date February 2nd, 2014

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This newsletter contains Woody Allen's First Aspect -- (as you'll recall the first significant aspect after birth will define a person)

"Intelligence, Analysis, brandish a spear, to vanquish confinement, hospitals, secrets seduction; secrets of femininity In a Turbulent Fashion partnerships and marriage"

And after Woody Allen's gone this is what he'll be remembered for--
Very intelligent -- vanquisher of women, secret seductions and much turbulence in partnerships and marriage.

All a person does is known in advance -- a sign and witness there's an intelligence beyond our imagination who knows all and saw fit to "signify" it in the stars. Otherwise how could the law of "first aspect" work -- look on to see dozens of these "first aspects" which are exact. That it works is not debatable.

Anyway -- back to Woody Allen --

He's known for being an Intelligent Comedian and having no control over his Libido ie "the heart wants what the heart wants" I thought I'd add his Astrobiography to Harmonic Life's Astrobiography Page:

Or Woody Allen's astrobiography page:

He's in the news again under allegations of molesting his 7 year old Adoptive Daughter Dylan Farrow. Where there's smoke there's fire and I had to see what was written in his Celestial Scroll and see what's going on with his Situation.

After doing the math on Dylan -- she was born in 1985 so 7 years later would be 1992. This, coincidentally, was the year Mia Farrow accused Allen of taking nude pictures of his Daughter Soon-Yi -- which Allen later married saying the "heart wants what the heart wants" - His now famous catch phrase.

Well this is lot of the same type of thing going on in the same year so let's take a look, astrologically, at this year 1992 in Allen's Life and see what was going on --

In the early part of 1992 Allen's Harmonic Life Forecast was this:

Age 56
December 2, 1991 to December 2, 1992

"emotions, mother, wife, home, stomach public reputation, authorities, parents area in life which should be nurtured to provide growth; moving on to our destiny In a Harmonious Fashion god; higher education; long distance travel, foreign lands, father

nervous system, attorneys, messengers, writing and communications, travel, intellect, siblings service, illness dreamers, psychic’s, drug addiction, hospitalization, artistry and long lasting things. In a Turbulent Fashion self

large, abundance, wealth, glory and honor and success love of children service, illness dreamers, psychic’s, drug addiction, hospitalization, artistry and long lasting things. In a Turbulent Fashion self"

I don't know if Allen does drugs or not - but fantasy and escape seem to play a large role in his life (whether strictly mental or chemically assisted I don't know).

For some reason artistry and drug use always seem to go hand in hand. Astrologically it's likely he takes some kind of drugs or chemicals to alter his state. It shows up an awful lot in his astrology.

Then later in 1992 we get this:
Age 57
December 2, 1992 to December 2, 1993

"dreamers, psychic’s, drug addiction, hospitalization, artistry and long lasting things. possessions, material wealth inventors, eccentric, revolutionaries, unexpected, service of humankind, technology, occult, aerospace In a Turbulent Fashion center of attention, artistic expression, leisure, sex, children

area in life which should be nurtured to provide growth; moving on to our destiny service, illness dreamers, psychic’s, drug addiction, hospitalization, artistry and long lasting things. In a Turbulent Fashion self

1992 is defined by unexpected fantasy and escape with leisure sex, and children.

One of the things that makes Allen such a great artist and writer is his vivid uber powerful imagination and intelligence --

But it seems that sometimes his fantasy life and escapes from reality mixed with his high intelligence level and powerful libido get's the best of him.

Mixed with a bit of substance abuse (possible astrologically but I've never heard about it) and you get a man who escaped into a fantasy life of his own making -
and took some innocent people with him along for the ride it would seem.

To see Woody Allen's Harmonic Life Forecast and the Journal of his Life's Significant Event's Click:

I also went through the chart by hand to make sure anything wasn't missing from the automated version above:

Here's what I came up with:

1985 Was one of the times his libido would have fired up big time. I wonder if the period from 1982 to 1992 marked a change in Woody Allen's behavior. He probably felt one way before 1982 then changed around 1985 then tapered of around 1992. Also during this period he made the movie "The Purple Rose of Cairo" with the following story line:

Set in New Jersey during the Great Depression, the film tells the story of Cecilia, a clumsy waitress who goes to the movies to escape her bleak life and loveless, abusive marriage to Monk, whom she has attempted to leave on numerous occasions.

If he was projecting then that means being in a relationship with Mia Farrow made him feel like a Monk who was bored to tears. And he was thinking of leaving on numerous occasions or something along those lines.

1992 selfish sexual no commitment union; major sexual and money making period; extra funny during this time; Expansive Aggressive Masculine time. This aspect is very powerful and separate from the aspect that peaked in 1985 -- this would have been very sexual and maternal. The 1985 was more lust and transformational driven. This period (1992) is sandwiched between 1985 and 1996 which were very lustful masculine dominant periods. The main difference is 1992 is purely sexual and maternal.

1996-1997 - is one of the most Sexually Charged periods on the Native's chart - along with Angular Saturn (JFK had this as well) this would have caused repercussions in his life. 1996-97 is a very Trans-formative and Aggressive Sexually Masculine times for Allen. Career peak here but also a birthing of raw lust and sexual dominance like 1985 only multiplied.

1996 Aggressive Birth/Rebirth
1997 Powerful Sexual Culmination and Power in Career; Dominating Period; Status Change as Underworld Powerful;  Deathly overtones.

1998 Home Union Past the Point of No Return

2006 Rebirth of Fantasy Life; Escape from Reality; Artistry and Femininity

2007 Status Change to Home and Loyalty

2008 Unexpected Change in Life; Like a bolt from the Blue; Electrifying

2018 Reaping and sewing.

More to Come

Till Next time Blessings and Peace in this journey we call life!