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Steve McQueen Case Study


Harmonic Life Forecast

steve mcqueen
monday 24 march 1930 17:21 utc
12:21 pm local time
86w09 longitude

39n46 latitude

8979 cayuga ave.

sun valley, ca 91352



With Pluto on the Ascendant, Saturn on the Descendant and Mercury on the MidHeaven – Steve McQueen got off to a rough start in life – his Dad abandoned him at 6 months of age and his mother was an alcoholic and a sometimes prostitute. This would give Steve McQueen relationship issues the rest of his life. But Mercury midheaven (with Pluto and Saturn also angular and hence adding to the mix) made him a natural communicator and he would go on to become one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history! But what a turbulent life he lead!

As for his birth time -- has the wrong time zone for McQueen’s chart – it should be 5 hours’ time difference to UTC (not 6) – from Indiana. Google’s time service luckily got the right time zone data (see my rectification chart below) – Indiana is famous for screwy timekeeping. I think back in the day people just changed daylight time zone information at will - Luckily men aren’t allowed to tamper with stars and they continue to keep time perfectly. Hospitals should list birth times in local and universal time always! Everywhere in the world!  Anyway the fact that Steve McQueen’s father left at 6 months of age and his daughter died in 1998 makes it very easy to time this chart using Rectification. McQueen’s birth time is 5 hours difference (from UTC) at birth from the Astro time and even then 6 minutes off from the Birth Record’s time. To verify I could write to a library in Indianapolis, as I’ve done many times before and probably will, to get the weather section from the local newspaper and see what time (locally) the sun rose the day McQueen was born and then know for sure, but I’m sure and will get newspaper clip later.



Harmonic Life Bull’s-eye Rectification time –

In the rectification data below you’ll notice that the context fits very nicely for all events – his father leaving at 6 months makes the rectification pretty obvious but a lot of big events happened in his life so rectification isn’t too hard.




Pluto on Ascendant – Pluto, the Lord of Hades, on the Ascendant – makes a person all about

obsession and transformation and yes – death and coldness – whenever planets swing by any of McQueen’s angles POWERFUL things will happen – especially in the material world.


Saturn on Descendant – The glyph of Saturn is a cross and a sickle – so reaping, sewing and father time are big on his Descendant. This means that angle transits on his chart lead to much reaping and sewing and limitation. Part of the built-in character building mechanism of this world is that one always reaps what one sews.  No way around it. Our planet is rigged for character building. And Steve McQueen could have written a book on this subject.


Mercury on MidHeaven – Mercury the teacher and communicator of things of the earth. If you ever study the Greek mythology – I always thought that Mercury’s glyph was a little satellite or something because it traveled fast. I was wrong – it turns out that mercury is actually a head with 2 snakes coming out of it. A reference to the wisdom of the serpent back in the garden of Eden (Hesperides) so teaching and traveling plus “carnal” thinking or wisdom of the serpent (snakes on the brain) – look at all the pictures of Athena and see snakes on her helmet – and she’s the queen of non-spiritual thinking or “serpent” thinking (we CAN be like God’s was what the snake said) – reference Eden in Genesis.


Put these three things together and you get McQueen’s personality in a nutshell – the great communicator who said a lot by saying very little who had a distant power in his eyes – an obsessive longing.





Saturn is in ruler ship in Capricorn (Tropically) – housing the Descendant, Juno, and Pholus (all centaurs are messengers of God and carry hints of traditional family values and religion with them), Juno gives one the “amorous” nature of flings without emotional attachment. And the descendant is opposite the ascendant and “soulish” – so the Descendant (where Saturn lies) on McQueen’s chart is one hell of a landmine to traverse – and Pluto on Ascendant – meant that whoever he partnered up with romantically must have been in for wild ride emotionally as he imploded with every transit to any of his Angles.


Also in rulership positions are Mercury and Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune in Mutual Reception elevating Mercury and Jupiter to leadership positions on his chart along with Saturn. Planets in mutual reception become just like planets in their own signs -- very powerful on the chart. Mercury on the Midheaven makes the native a very dominating powerful communicator. Add Jupiter to the mix and you’ve just witnessed the birth of a gifted actor – with a very remarkable life story to tell written in the heavens!


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Age 1 1931 Authority, Transformation and Travel; Authority Figure Transformation; Religion

Journal: Father Leaves


Age 9 1939 Transformational Life, Bright Time, Life Communicator, Reaping and Sewing, Focus on Self; Destiny and Family come together; Religion; Life and Unexpected change.


Age 12 1942 Self and Beauty and Destiny and Traditional Family and religious values come together to bear fruit in life –

Journal: Steve and Mother move to Los Angeles to begin anew


Age 14 1944 Birth/Rebirth Creation


Age 16 1946 Unexpected Status Change in Life, Global Appeal and Obsession, Unexpected Transformation at Home, Home is where the Hearth Is

Journal: Steve Joins Marines for 3 years and is diagnosed as Dyslexic (notice that at 18 a very Martian time begins which dovetails nicely with the Marines aspect – peak Mars at 18 but the urge for the military begins at 16)


Age 18 1948 Status Change in Life to Aggressive and Masculine and Warrior; Blood and Guts and Gunpowder and Fire!

Journal: Steve had enlisted 2 years prior in the Marines – 3 year total stint.


Age 20 1951 Status Change in Life to that of Sex, Beauty, Comfort and Money, Lust, Beautiful Communicator; Maternal Transformation, Major Re-Org of Life, Re-Think of Meaning of Life


Age 23 1954 Time of Unbridle Lust, Relationship without Emotion “Juno” what I mean!

Birth/Rebirth of Feminine; Chemicals and Escape from Reality.


Age 26 1957 Status Change if Life to Lawless, Destruction, and Mayhem! Birth/Rebirth A gift is brought into the World! Lawless Carnal Union; Authority meets Maternity and Femininity.

Journal: Steve begins acting in 1956. He must have had a real party of a time as all the “naught” planets go Angular at this time – meaning nonstop social action. Among the more raucous planets – Spica also goes active – which I’ve mentioned in other newsletter’s is gifting – so a gift is also birthed. Also got married - McQueen married Neile, a Broadway dancer, in 1956 not the best aspects for a traditional marriage. Also 1954’s aspect of Relationship without emotion didn’t help. I can only imagine what Neile went through during these years. Fun but destructive time.


Age 32 1963 Status Change in Life to Health, Hygiene, and Wifeliness

Journal: Now in wife mode -- He made romantic dramas with Natalie Wood like in "Love With a Proper Stranger,"1963. 2 children born in 1959 and 1960.


Age  38 1969 Super Blessings and Abundance and Transformation Materialize in the Material Realm! The goddess of the harvest gathers the grain - Ceriously! Also time of Heart Issues – a touch of the Sinister!

Journal: McQueen forces wife to sniff cocaine at gunpoint and beats her. Definitely a touch of the sinister – Pluto and Antares – go hot. During this time the ground work is laid for the divorce which is imminent in 1971.


Age 39 1970 Major Re-Org in Life, Status Change in Life to that of Destiny and Baggage from Past

Journal: Neile divorces McQueen. 1971.


Age 42 1973 Status Change in Life to that of Cutting and Vanquishing

Journal: Another violent aspect goes hot – Cutting and Vanquishing – mixed with Pluto -- While filming "The Getaway," McQueen repeatedly slapped his co-star Ali MacGraw throughout the day on the film set. He became so aroused that he followed her home in the evening and made love to her on the floor. In 1973 they married and she abandoned her career to look after her husband.


Age 47 1978 Status Change in Life to that of Traditional Values and Traditional Religion – Godliness in other words – in the biblical sense – no funky religion here. Also relationship of aggression and lust without emotion.

Journal: Divorced from Ali MacGraw in 1977, he refused to pay alimony. The aspect in effect at this time would make McQueen long for traditional values and religion. What he was experiencing was a violent mess and it didn’t fit the mold of what he needed. Time to start again with a new woman who’s more traditional and wholesome. Also some very evil aspects are developing which will attack the life giver of his chart – the ascendant – by now McQueen must know he’s dying. Head issues start brewing too. Very hard time for McQueen and his significant others.


Age 48 1979 Status Change in Life to that of Major-Re-Org in Life; Re-Think on meaning of life. Masculine/Feminine Birth Rebirth

Journal: He married his third wife, Barbara Minty, eleven months before his death in 1980 McQueen needed a wholesome woman – one who reminded him of who was mother was supposed to be. I don’t know a lot about Barbara Minty

Barbara Minty


Age 49 1980 Time of Cutting and Vanquishing; Head issues and problems with neck and carnal thinking.


Journal: He died on 11/07/1980, 3:42 AM, of a heart attack in Santa Rosa, NM. He had been staying in Juarez, Mexico, hoping that the alleged cure of apricot pits would heal his cancer. His ashes are scattered in the Pacific Ocean. One of the aspects active at this time was the same one Robin Williams had when he died – sharp objects and cutting were involved – in McQueen’s case surgery in Mexico – Williams case it was a knife found in the closet where his life ended. The other aspects involved for McQueen involved a star in the Perseus constellation which would have left him in very bad shape. A really tragic end. When a chart has angles as powerfully loaded as McQueen’s were a person will have super highs along with super lows. What went through his mind near the end must have been really horrific. Truly a tragic end. One reason I did his chart is something really astonishing that happened after his mortal end – his daughter passed 18 years later right on schedule as if he had been living. This means that the gears of a person’s destiny remain engaged whether or not the person’s’ around physically. I’ve never heard of this before so I’ll call it Joseph’s law of “Gears of Destiny” – whether or not we’re around our gears we’ve set in motion keep on turning. Fascinating. That means that events related to a person which happened even after person died can still be used to time birth. Everything that happens is connected. Nothing is unconnected. We’re all part of the same machine. And everything we do affects everyone else somehow. Amazing.


Age 67 1998 Aggressive Transformation; Reaping And Sewing. Mayhem and Destruction manifests in the material world. Major re-org and possible re-location. Lord of Death visits Home; Birth/Rebirth manifests; Feminine.


Journal: Daughter died. The wheels of destiny keep on grinding whether or not our body is alive or not. Amazing!




Normally the forecast goes on for 120 years but Steve Dies in 1980 so this Forecast ends.