Wilsey, Shannon Michelle "Savannah" - Rectification Case Study

Wilsey, Shannon Michelle  "Savannah" -- was an adult actress who became famous then went tragically in a car crash suicide.
She did lots of drugs and hung out with celebrities.

I picked her because she's famous so there's a good amount of history about her and she has an AA rated birth certificate so the time is accurate.

These are the Significant Dates I knew about her after searching the web:

Notice that I only knew the year for drug use, first movie, and avn best new starlet award. I knew the exact date of death only.

The simple algorithm of the harmonic life rectifier is indifferent to this.

Solid algorithm with Solid results --

Now for the Reason we picked this time even though other Tumbler strengths are equal is the Context (see pic below):

So when run against a birth cert you see that the Harmonic Life "Bulls-Eye" Rectifier performs very well!

I hope you find this innovative software useful.