John F. Kennedy - Rectification Study


President John F. Kennedy is famous for being one of the few presidents who was assassinated amongst strange circumstances. Also he was good looking and charismatic. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning author and a decorated war hero. He was sick much of his life and was acquainted with suffering.

His birth time at AstroDataBank has an "A" rating which means no birth certificate with time but some other "reliable" source --
So to verify the time we need to see if heavenly motions do indeed "signify" his major life events -- ie Rectify the birth time --

So to Rectify the birth time (now that we're entering the Age of Aquarius notice tools for astrology keep getting more precise and easier to use) -- we use the HarmonicLife "Bulls-eye" Rectification program --
For the Significant Life Events I used the following event's from the Native's life:

And we get the Tumbler's Unlocked plot --

Notice I circled 2:59 PM as the correct birth time -- even though there were other HIGH-SCORING times --
Also notice there are 11 Significant Events (on the form on my site to do your rectification I've only allowed a maximum of 5 significant dates (because it takes a long time for the computer to chug away for each date and I only charge 5 tokens I thought I'd limit the number of dates but I can see now that adding more dates is important and necessary for total accuracy) So if you bought a rectification send me the rectification ID from the link on the site and your dates and I'll add them by hand to your order and then re-run the rectification and you'll receive an email when it's complete.)

So Why did I pick 2:59 PM local time for JFK's birth time?

Context --

The planetary symbolism's must match the nature of the significant events dates in the Native's Life and at 2:59 PM Local time they match beautifully --

Notice the beautiful fit of the planetary symbolism to the Significant events. And if you look at the Harmonic Life Forecast you'll see the heavenly motions do indeed match the unfolding of JFK's life events perfectly.

Like Marilyn Monroe -- JFK will be famous forever -- in life and in eternity -- may he rest in Peace.