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Pope Francis Birth Time

Pope Francis I.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio

On they have a copy of Pope Francis' birth certificate which lists him as being born at 9pm in Buenos Aires Argentina --

They even have a copy of his birth certificate.

So if we look at the time of 1957 we can see that Jupiter goes Retrograde on Pluto twice that year and Uranus also goes retrograde on his Natal Pluto. And Pluto (tranisting) is square Algol. So Pluto and Algol are the hot potatoes for this event. He's lucky he didn't die. Luckily Angular Jupiter is benevolent and also Trine the Jupiter retrograde on Pluto so there's enough power in Jupiter's rays to protect the native (in symbol of course) but Algol adds an element of disfigurement and head issues to the mix. A very terrible time for the young pope for sure.

But once you understand the mechanics of telling true time and know the symbols of the planets (which God named) it's quite apparent that Pluto and Algol wouldn't be in the right place at the right time in the sky unless the Pope was born at 8:46pm local time (11:46pm UTC) (see picture for Harmonic Life Rectification results)

Also interesting is that when he becomes Pope Sirius goes "active" and I've seen that Sirius is usually a spiritual experience.

So there's the time I'll use for the pope and I'm sticking to it.

Also of note is that the "centaur's" seem to always be related to benevolence and spiritual matters also.

May he use the "Key's of the Kingdom" for peace and goodwill on earth -- and as Tiny Tim observed -- God bless us all everyone.