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CC Rectifiation Case Study

A person who I did a rectification for gave me the date of birth and said her mother told her she was born early -- she didn't have a copy of her birth certificate to verify but said she would get it.

From the clues she gave me the rectification was pretty obvious to do by hand with a couple of times about 10 minutes apart that would fit.

I picked a time 10 minutes from the time I would find out later her Mom had written in her Baby Book. But I ran the Harmonic Life Bullseye Rectification report and it had a time off by 1 minute from the recorded birth time and a time 5 minutes off which I picked. 

I did her natal cycles and that was that.

Turns out when she got her birth certificate it didn't have the time on it. So she had to take my word for it.

About a year went by and out of the blue she messaged me on Facebook and said -- "What time did you say I was born?" I told her the time and it turns out I was off by 10 minutes and the Bullseye Time I would have picked was only off by 5 minutes and the closest Bulls Eye time was off by 1 minute. I'm not perfect but the harmonics are! 

If Astrology can predict forward -- then it's obvious that you can reverse engineer to go backwards to get the birth time. If it can't predict then rectification is impossible. But it can predict perfectly.
Our lives our written in the stars!