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October 6, 2014

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Michael Jackson "The King of Pop" and Mozart the Musical Boy Wonder

What do Michael Jackson and Mozart have in Common?

Their music is both precious -- they were both unbelievably gifted child prodigy's and
their talent is inhuman and can only be classified as divine!

Why am I combining Mozart and Jackson into one article?

Easy -- I was trying to figure out what made Mozart such a genius astrologically --

His birth time is pretty iffy on the web -- so that makes it tricky to find out if his angles were loaded (or not).

Data from Astro.com
Mozart     Gender: M
Birthname     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
born on     27 January 1756 at 20:00 (= 8:00 PM ) 19:07 UTC.
Place     Salzburg, Austria, 47n48, 13e02
Timezone     LMT m13e02 (is local mean time)

Trying to figure out Mozart's gifting "signature" I put in this data to my astro software and first of all none of his life events sync up with this birth time --

So I rectified it using the HarmonicLife Bulls-eye Rectifier and it was rather straightforward to get the "correct" time -- he got smallpox at 11 and his fiance dumped him and his mother died at 21.

Pretty significant events.

So using the Harmonic Life "Bullseye" rectifiction report I got the following birth time:

Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart was born ON January 27, 1756 18:21 UTC!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Harmonic Life Forecast is here:

Mozart's rectified birth time is a full 46 minutes off from the Recorded Birth Time of his Day.
And back then I'm not sure how good they were at converting local time to UTC. Not even sure if they new what that was in those days. (I'm not an expert on ancient TimeZones) Either way his birth time is not even close to his "recorded" time. UTC is reliable -- man made timezones are horrific for astrologers.

What's interesting is that Mozart has almost no Angular planets -- so Gauqelin (although useful is not so much in this case)

Mozart does have angular Venus on the Descendant -- so Venus is more pronounced for him -- comfort, beauty, luxury, etc...
But Venus is not Musical Talent (maybe a little I suppose)  -- and especially not Child Prodigy.

What Mozart does have, is abundant giftedness? It's a Jupiter Spica conjunction!

How does Michael Jackson factor in?

I thought -- if Jupiter Spica is indeed the child prodigy factor let me test another musical genius -- Michael Jackson.

But his birth time is not published in a reliable fashion. I found at least 6 different times spanning the 24 hours of the day he was born from "reliable" family members and astrologers.

The only one that was even close was this time:

Richard Gehman called 9/l993 with a time of 7:54 AM CDT "from someone close to Michael." (on Astro.com)

I call it Hillary Clinton-Itis -- where they purposefully give out fake birth times to different people to keep the real time a secret. Luckily people can't move planets off their course like they can manipulate media -- so when
you can read stars nothing is kept secret.

Jackson had many significant events in his life notably his death from drug overdose --

Rectifying Jackson's time was pretty straight forward as he had a Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction at Birth and a Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction at Death trine the natal conjunction. That's pretty rare.

Jackson's rectified (accurate) birth time is 25 minutes off from Richard Gehman's time

If Jackson's birth certificate does in fact say 7:54 am it was probably recorded after he was born and when his Mother held him or something like that. Jackson wasn't famous yet -- just another baby in a poor neighborhood -- so not sure how urgent getting an accurate birth time would have been at that point.

So using his death as a jumping off point -- I knew his birth had to be pretty early in the morning.
I then used the Harmonic Life Bulls Eye Rectifier and it came up with 8/29/1958 7:29:00 AM local time with a perfect score of 10 (10 being how many life events I used to calibrate the birth time)

10. DateUTC: 8/29/1958 12:29:00 PM. Local Time: 8/29/1958 7:29:00 AM, Score: 10
Michael Jackson's Harmonic LIfe Forecast

Michael Jackson had, not only the Jupiter Spica conjunction, but something else interesting he has Saturn on the Imum Coeli

-- hence his Father issues with Dad beating him and dominating him like a major authoritarian. It wasn't all bad though -- all that work made Jackson super good at his craft. Kept him from squandering his gift.

Mozart also had a strong Saturn in his Chart and his father also worked him like a slave. So hard work plus genius equals Legend! Hence Mozart and Jackson.

Spica is a fixed star -- and not used too often by many astrologers -- But as the Age of Aquarius dawns -- astrology and reading stars will become more and more commonplace and more and more
astrologers will start getting the same answers.

Right now astrology is like Christianity -- everyone reads the same books but interpret in their own peculiar way. How do you know who's doing it right? In Religion it's whoever loves the most and in Astrology whoever's predictions are the most accurate.

Anyway, back to Spica --
Spica's meaning is easy to figure out -- Spica is the "Sheaf of Wheat" in the hand of the Virgin "Virgo" A reference to Jesus the first-fruits acceptable to God. So the meaning of Spica is basically a "precious gift" -- Jesus and in relation to Virgo "a child"
So Child and Gift are in the mix for this definition.

Jupiter is an abundance and glory and honor etc...

So Jupiter Spica conjunction is Abundantly Precious Gift with some Child mixed in (imho)

That's the Genius Child Prodigy Aspect.

Incidentally -- my favorite musician is Edward Van Halen -- so I looked him up -- his Birth Time is actually correct on Astro.com (yay -- easy peazy lemon squeezy) -- and He has Spica conjunct Neptune -- on the Ascendant. So he was also a Genius
but didn't blossom as abundantly as a child, musically, as Mozart and Jackson (although he did blossom).

But the common thread in Genius is Spica and a conjunction from a planet.

Interesting First Aspects --

Per the law of First Aspect (the first aspect after birth which defines a person in a nutshell)

For Mozart's First Aspect(s) we get --

Significant Strength Aspect - nervous system, attorneys, messengers, writing and communications, travel, intellect, siblings
friends self or father husband leader life masculine In a Harmonious Fashion profound changes -- main one being death and
circumstances surrounding death - life after death serious illnesses injuries and accidents; other people's money; sex; divorce Significant Strength Aspect - self or father husband leader life masculine friends nervous system, attorneys, messengers, writing and communications, travel, intellect, siblings In a Harmonious Fashion profound changes -- main one being death and
circumstances surrounding death - life after death serious illnesses injuries and accidents; other people's money; sex; divorce

Michael Jackson's First Aspect:
Intelligence, Analysis, brandish a spear, to vanquish things that please and delight nervous system, attorneys, messengers, writing and communications, travel, intellect, siblings In a Harmonious Fashion material possessions Significant Strength Aspect - birth/rebirth/death long journeys, faith and spirituality, dreams authority, politics, science, reap what you sow, restriction, time, authority, toughness, ordeals and lessons to be learned, pay the fiddler In a Harmonious Fashion profession; vocation; career; ambition Unusual ability in a particular area, or unexpected results, due to a gift for experiment. radical and unexpected change, unexpected death. things that please and delight inventors, eccentric, revolutionaries, unexpected, service of humankind,
technology, occult, aerospace In a Turbulent Fashion material possessions nervous system, attorneys, messengers, writing and communications, travel, intellect, siblings things that please and delight Intelligence, Analysis, brandish a spear, to vanquish In a Harmonious Fashion material possessions self or father husband leader life masculine service, illness dreams and in some cases nightmares; selfish sex no commitment; marriage; warlike In a Harmonious Fashion self Significant Strength Aspect - precious gift to the world child other people, parternerships, marriage virility and fertility and complete masculinity In a Harmonious Fashion The secret and hidden life. Bad habits vices. Drugs. Self-destructive characteristics. Detachment from material things; hospitalization

Mozart and Jackson's first aspects have lot's of writing and communications, Mozart's has lot's of death themes and he wrote Requim and often said he had long had the taste of death on his tongue. He had smallpox and died of serious illness. He had a
pre-occupation with death.

Jackson has lot's of please and delight type things so more of a performer -- lot's of secret's and bad habits and vices and unexpected death.

Both awesome but very serious types of lives -- lot's of harshness seems to be built into their existences.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of genius and the rectification of Mozart and Jackson's birth times.

For this newsletter the prize will be one free Rectification of Birth time --

I still have to do someone's prize from last newsletter and will have that done this week.

Don't think I forgot.

Here's the contest question for this newsletter --

How could Jupiter and Neptune be involved in Michael Jackson's Death?
I thought Jupiter was always good?

a) Jupiter can never be involved in anything bad
b) Jupiter Neptune can mean too much chemicals (overdose)
c) Since Saturn is on Jackson's IC in Sagittarius it spreads it's Reaping And Sewing nature to Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius
d) Saturn was Transiting Jackson's Ascendant (assuming my birth time is correct) the day he died forming a kind of square with Evil Saturn on the IC
e) b, c, and d are all correct

The first person to answer the question correctly wins a free rectification (but you must know the day and have a 3 to 4 hour window)

Good luck and peace to you on this journey we call life.