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Don Dokken Astrobiography



Don Dokken (DD) is one of the most talented singer’s to emerge from the rock world -- period. He has a unique voice and beautiful melodic vocal lines which anyone who’s ever heard him sing knows.

Astrologically what makes artists gifted, many times, is having planets near Spica in Virgo – the “gift” planet. Also angular planets and other such things – but Spica is really powerful.

DD has a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune at Spica. Mozart and Michael Jackson had Jupiter  conjunct Spica as did Bon Scott from AC/DC. But instead of Jupiter Dokken has Saturn and Neptune conjunct Spica. Still a genius but just a different flavor so to speak.

On the Angular front Dokken has Venus on his Ascendant along with Eris and Sedna. He also has Mercury on his IC and the Moon on his Midheaven.  So Venus and Mercury angular equals beautiful communicator. The Spica effect makes him gifted. Moon on the MC gives him a public perception of being Sensitive. And many of his lyrics are sensitive and quite emotional and sentimental. He almost has Jupiter angular on his Ascendant  too which gives favor and blessings so he has a very powerful chart for an artist. Very powerful indeed.

A couple of planets on his ascendant that aren’t that helpful are Sedna and Eris. Sedna brings in destructive tendencies and Eris brings in vanity. Mirror Mirror on the wall – who’s the most beautiful of them all. DD is uber talented but probably a handful to deal with in a group situation as Eris can tend to bring out the narcissist in people.

The reason is wrote this article is because I’m a fan – and over the years I’ve seen the band have it’s ups and downs and wanted to trace through Dokken’s astro cycles to find out what was going on – because this band has been through a lot of ups and downs – probably more than many bands.

So let’s start with the history of Don Dokken!


I won’t capture every move because this article would be very long – but just the basic career highlights and a little bit of future events to capture the essence.

Age 3 1956 Sedna the destroyer hits the ascendant and I bet at age 3 DD probably had some kind of physical hammering.

Age 6 1959 Moon MC and Venus ASC and Uranus and Mars in aspect. Something feminine and or money and pleasure related. At age 6 not sure what happened to him but I bet he remembers when he was 6 years old.

Age 11 1964 An unexpected thing is birthed into his life even though status in life is that of traditional and normal.

Age 13 1966 Saturn and Neptune and Spica activate socially – this is his “gifting” aspect - his artistry makes friends with the world.

Age 23 1976 Jupiter activates Venus and the Ascendant – which means beauty, money and abundance. Dokken forms his first band “Airborne” and blessings and success abound. Many lottery and jackpot winners have Jupiter and Venus angular when they win mega jackpots. So at this time DD’s success is Mega Jackpot style. He can’t miss.

Age 27 1981 Pluto goes angular and much like Eddie Van Halen’s chart when Pluto goes angular success is explosive! And Dokken has Jupiter and Pluto angular nearly at the same time.  Even Donald Trump has something similar going on – Pluto makes success obsessive and overkill.

Also at this time DD has a son. Success in career and family. During this powerful time in DD’s life they record one of their most famous songs - “Breaking the Chains”. This song captures the essence of what makes Dokken excellent.

A couple of years later on the tails of the Jupiter Pluto aspect they record their best album ever “Tooth and Nail.” One of my favorite albums of all time and probably the biggest commercial success for Dokken. Tooth and Nail came out in 1984.

The albums that follow the Pluto Jupiter angle hits are less and less profitable and the band has to adjust to less success and work harder after “Tooth and Nail.”

Age 38 1988-1989 A variety of planetary motions happen which stop the power of Pluto – Uranus activates Pluto and the success starts to wane. Sedna is activated starts to hammer the Venus Ascendant. And Jupiter is also shut down by Uranus.  Also at this time DD has Vesta at his Midheaven and now Home is a priority not the band so much most likely. The booster rocket that launched Dokken skyward has just burned out and they begin coasting on inertia.

Also at this time George Lynch quits the band. And he’s just as much a part of Dokken’s success as DD – major synergy loss. Major.

Over the next few years some of the album titles are (in order ):

“Up From the Ashes” – but unlike a Phoenix Dokken was still descending without George Lynch – not rising up so much.


“Dysfunctional” – yup – without George Lynch definitely dysfunctional.

Age 41 1995 Pluto goes angular once again and right on schedule to be powerful and famous Dokken Reunites. Classic Dokken is reborn. Now is when they should have released an album called “Up From the Ashes.” Also “Home” in the Physical sense is on DD’s mind. Jupiter is almost angular again so the same aspects that produced “Tooth and Nail” are sort of returned and fame and success are back in scope – but not to the same degree as 1984. Pluto is aggressively activated. The rockets are burning again!

Age 43 1999 Sun Mars activates (which is a natal aspect on DD’s chart) and Pluto and Jupiter begin to fizzle out and the band breaks up again. This time never to reform due to a variety of circumstances. One of them being DD’s vocal cord health.

Age 53 2006 DD injured his vocal chords on tour in Germany – spitting up blood.

Sun activated by Ascendant. Sun is health and Mars nearby is blood. Also lunar event activate angles causing a reconfiguration of life. Big year and tough break for DD.

Age 56 2010 Mars crosses ascendant and surgery time. DD’s surgery will take two years to heal and  he never quite sounded the same – sadly. Thems the breaks.

History Portion is Over now here are some Future Cycles


Age 64 2018 Uranus Ascendant aspect – Unexpected Physical manifestations – usually not great luck but shocking manifestations and rebelliousness. Major reconfiguration of self and social structure. Especially regarding communication and traveling.

Age 68 2022 The Goddess of the Harvest – and business too – makes a visit across the physical realm.  Money, Pleasure, artistry and beautiful communications are birthed.

Age 69 2023 – Carnal thinking can fatigue and tire even those that love someone. Spiritual thinking protects and refreshes the body, soul, and spirit.

Age 72 2026 Traditional Family Values, Charisma, and New Age Spirituality manifest on the social realm.

Age 80 2034 Unexpected Changes and Rebelliousness in the social realm.

Age 82 2036 Status in life reactivated – Eris the goddess of Vanity becomes the motif for DD’s Status.

Age 84 2038 DD’s Spica Saturn Neptune conjunction activates and births much artistry and is gifted to the world.

Age 86 2040 Spiritual Rebirth and Major Reconfiguration in life.  Traditional Family Values. Same aspect that caused vocal cord damage in Germany repeats.  But at 86 years old probably not such an issue as during career peak.

Age 91 2046 Turbulence is the status for the day. And hammering. And the woman comes into focus on the social front. Feminine sensitivities. Social life flourishes.

Age 96 2051 Even though time has passed – DD is recognized as an artistic genius who gifts the world with beautiful artistry and love when all is said and done.

Transits 2018

July 20 2018 (lingers into late august) Family situation changes at hom and career changes a bit. Curring away of what’s not needful and masculine energy overflows. Tranformation regarding spirual matters and traditional values especially as regards the father and travel. Transformational communications at home.

Status in life to that of masculine aggressive energy. Fire and energy to spare.

Christmas 2018 Beauty and Comfort and Pleasure without responsibility.

So this wraps up the Don Dokken Astrobiography. I hope it was interesting and educational. Someone like this doesn’t come around every day – so we’re lucky they produced as much music as they did – and that for a brief but powerful time in history they were “Burnin’ Like a Flame!”

Thanks Dokken – much continued success and blessings to you and yours!