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Harmonic Life


Harmonic life began life as a stock market forecasting web. Then over time started doing more and more natal charts just because the results were so uncannily accurate.

We're pretty accurate with forecasting human life events -- and are now getting back into commodity forecasting and working at predicting earthquakes (I have a feeling when the commodity forecasts are really accurate so will the earthquake forecasts).

Now for the big question -- why does astrology work? The answer will probably be that when we figure out where life came from - and who named the stars - and why every cell has a DNA molecule with instructions on how to assemble a body etc... we'll know why astrology works.

But one things for sure --

Astrology is a systematic and testable phenomenon -- so by definition it's science.

Nothing random is going on down here in the lives of men.

It's all written in the stars!

And it's amazing!

I hope you can appreciate what I'm sharing -- and enjoy the website.



Fall 2013